Professional Negligence

Professional Negligence

When you engage a professional, you expect them to act in an efficient and competent manner and, importantly, to act in your best interests. You trust them to do so and you pay them to do so.

Such professionals may include architects, surveyors, accountants, solicitors, barristers, expert witnesses, banks, financial advisers, planning consultants, and medical professionals (such as doctors, dentists, nurses, care providers, etc, though these types of medical claims are dealt with differently and are therefore explained a little more in the “personal injury and clinical negligence” of this website).

Unfortunately, things occasionally go wrong, and mistakes can occur.  It is a fact of life that mistakes have been made, and will be made, by the very best professionals from time to time.  These mistakes don’t always amount to negligence, and often you will be satisfied with a simple apology. However, if you sustain financial loss as a result of their conduct, it can indicate that they have been negligent and you may wish to bring a compensation claim. This is where we can help.

We deal with all types of professional negligence claims, including those which may appear at the outset to involve very complex facts or difficult to ascertain losses.



We are able to enter into a conditional fee agreement (sometimes called ‘no win no fee’ agreements) in appropriate cases (i.e. where prospects of success appear at the outset to be above 50%), and can also act if you have legal expenses cover with your home contents or other insurance policy.

It is sometimes not possible to ascertain from an initial telephone discussion what the prospects of success are when dealing with a professional negligence claim.  If that is the case, we may require our fees for considering your claim to be paid on account (i.e. in advance) before we can offer a conditional fee agreement, which will usually amount to at least a couple of hours of our time (the hourly rates for our litigation solicitors range from £170 to £250 plus VAT).

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