Contracts / Debts

Contract / Debts

Financial disputes usually arise when the parties disagree about the terms of a contract, or indeed whether there was a contract at all. It is important to remember that a verbal contract is as enforceable as a written one, though of course the terms may be more difficult to pin down.

Even if terms have not been agreed, there are certain implied terms and presumptions that may assist.  For example, if money is paid by one party to the other with nothing given in return, there is a presumption (i.e. subject to anything else that might have been agreed) that the money paid is a loan, to be immediately repaid.

On the other hand, your dispute may be about something completely different, such as poor building work. You will have expected your builder to perform the work to a reasonable standard and if he does not, you might have a breach of contract claim against them. The remedy for this can be a payment of compensation, or it may be that you want your builder to return to the site and complete the work that he was contracted to perform.

We can help you.

Every dispute is unique and every client has individual requirements and priorities. We believe that it is important for our clients to feel that their needs are being properly understood and we will always act robustly, but with sensitivity, in your best interests. Our aim is to settle matters on your behalf in the most advantageous and cost effective way. This occasionally means that a court hearing is unavoidable, but more often than not disputes can be resolved through mediation or other out-of-court settlements.

For most debt claims / contract disputes, we will usually require our fees to be paid on account (i.e. in advance) for giving our initial advice as to your prospects of success and the most appropriate strategy for dealing with the case, which will usually be at least a couple of hours of our time (the hourly rates of our litigation solicitors range from £170 to £250 plus VAT).

We are happy to speak to you about whether your case is something we are able to take on.  Please call us on 01328 863131.

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