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Contracts / Debts

Financial disputes usually arise when the parties disagree about the terms of a contract, or indeed whether there was a contract at all. It is important to remember that a verbal contract is as enforceable as a written one, though of course the terms may be more difficult to pin down.

On the other hand, your dispute may be about something completely different, such as poor building work. You will have expected your builder to perform the work to a reasonable standard and if he does not, you might have a breach of contract claim against him. The remedy for this can be a payment of compensation, or it may be that you want your builder to return to the site and complete the work that he was contracted to perform.

We can help you.

Every dispute is unique and every client has individual requirements and priorities. We believe that it is important for our clients to feel that their needs are being properly understood and we will always act robustly, but with sensitivity, in your best interests. Our aim is to settle matters on your behalf in the most advantageous and cost effective way. This occasionally means that a court hearing is unavoidable, but more often than not disputes can be resolved through mediation or other out-of-court settlements.

Please call us for an initial telephone discussion and we will advise you on the best course of action and the range of costing options available.

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