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Personal Injury

Personal Injury and clinical negligence

Butcher Andrews deals with some personal injury claims.  The types of claim that we can help with are very broad, ranging from relatively straightforward road traffic accidents and accidents at work, though to industrial and psychiatric disease suffered at work or the liability of the owners of premises or service providers.  We also assist with a range of clinical negligence claims, including misdiagnosis, errors during surgery and failure to provide adequate care.

Lower value claims (e.g. where the value is less than £25,000 for road traffic accidents and employer’s liability claims, which is usually the case where a full recovery is likely to be made within a year or so) are not remunerated as well as they once were, and we are as a result unable to provide the level of service in relation to them that we would like.  We are therefore unlikely to be able to assist with such claims.

Where we are likely to be able to assist, we are usually happy to act on the basis of a Conditional Fee Agreement (otherwise known as a “no win, no fee” agreement).  Such an agreement will mean deducting up to 25% (usually less) of any damages received.  If you have legal expenses insurance, we are happy to act pursuant to that insurance (and can often do so even if your insurers tell you that you are obliged to use “panel” insurers).

Although we do not routinely offer free initial appointments, if you think you might have a claim please do call our office.  We are very happy to speak to potential claimants (without charge) to discuss whether the case is one we are able to take on.  If a meeting is needed to go through the case further, we can arrange that over the phone.

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