Contracts of Employment

For most people, work forms a vital and necessary part of their lives. It provides them with the means to support themselves and their families and helps to give them self respect and stability. It is therefore very important that they feel secure in their employment.

However, it is quite common to encounter problems at work. If so, you will need advice from someone who can explain your legal rights and options with sensitivity and clarity. This is where we can help you.

At the start of your employment you should have received a contract, or at the very least a statement of the main terms and conditions of your employment. Employers have a legal obligation to provide this information and if they don’t they risk having to pay a monetary penalty.

We will provide you with comprehensive and clear advice on all your employment rights and the terms of your contract. If you think that any of the terms are unfair, or unclear, we can assist you in resolving the issues with your employer

We offer free initial consultations so please call us.

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