With the complex and apparently never-ending changes to Employment Law, it is not surprising that some employers feel frustrated and bewildered about their duties to their staff.

There is no doubt that employment law is now very complicated. The regular flow of new legislation, both from Parliament and the European Union, and the effect of decisions made in Tribunals and the higher courts, often seem designed to catch out even the most conscientious employer.

The best way to limit your business’s exposure to costly and potentially damaging disputes is to ensure that you have sound contracts of employment and personnel management systems in place. We can provide suitable contracts of employment and help you establish procedures and policies which will enable you to navigate successfully the legal complexities of this area of law.

We can advise and represent you if an employee lodges a claim in the Employment Tribunal against you or your business.

Our expertise covers areas such as:-

  • Contracts of employment for junior and senior employees;
  • Staff handbooks;
  • Disciplinary and grievance procedures;
  • Maternity/paternity/parental rights;
  • Flexible working;
  • Sickness policies and pay;
  • Redundancy procedures;
  • Business and TUPE transfers;
  • Settlement Agreements;

We also offer business audits which analyse your existing contracts and procedures. We will discuss our findings with you and, where necessary, propose changes to minimise your exposure to potentially damaging claims.

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