Most residential tenancies are now Assured Shorthold Tenancies, though this may not be the case where a tenant has been in occupation for several decades.

Whether you are a private landlord with only one tenanted property, or a professional landlord with a large portfolio of properties, we can help you.

We have extensive experience in providing a comprehensive range of services to private landlords, starting with drawing up an appropriate tenancy agreement, advising on deposit protection, right through to serving a Notice to Quit and, if necessary, issuing possession proceedings.

Alternatively, if you are a tenant and you feel that your landlord has not complied with the terms of the tenancy, or if you have been served with a Notice to Quit and you don’t know what to do, you are likely to need clear and positive legal guidance. We are here to assist.

Our experience in helping both landlords and tenants means that we have the expertise to see clearly both sides of any dispute, which can be a great advantage in helping to resolve outstanding issues.

Please call us for an initial discussion and we will advise you on the best course of action and the available funding options.

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