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Vaccinations in Care Homes

Vaccinations in Care Homes

From 11 November 2021 the health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities( (Coronavirus) Regulations 2021 will require care homes in England to ensure that almost all workers are vaccinated against Covid-19. Only workers who cannot be vaccinated for clinical reasons will be exempt. The exemption also applies to care home residents, friends and relatives of residents, children under 18 and emergency help providers.

Anyone not falling into these categories must  not be allowed entry unless they can prove that they have a clinical reason not to be vaccinated or that they have completed a course of an approved vaccine.

Ah, but November is months away. The change is being publicised now to allow care homes to encourage take up of the vaccination programme and to plan for any concerns.

Religious and philosophical beliefs concerning vaccination will not provide a reason for an individual to be exempt.

Ah but I don’t work in a care home.Tradespeople who might visit a care home will also not be exempt.

If you believe these regulations may apply to you and have concerns please get in touch for advice.

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