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Road Accidents

If you have suffered an injury following a road traffic accident that was not your fault, the distress will be compounded by physical and sometimes mental pain which can last for years or even a lifetime. It is important that you obtain appropriate compensation for your injury, and this is where we can help.

Early offers

Your compensation, or damages, will be paid by the insurance company of the driver at fault or, if there is no insurance in place, by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau. Often, the insurance company will make you an offer very soon after the accident because they have an interest in settling the claim as quickly and cheaply as possible.

The offer they make is likely to be much lower than the damages to which you are legally entitled. It is therefore vital that you obtain legal advice before accepting such an offer. Remember, once you have accepted an offer, you cannot then go back and ask for more if your injuries turn out to be more serious than you first thought.

Your choice of lawyer

Your own insurance company might insist that you use solicitors on their own panel. You have absolutely no obligation to use them: they have responsibilities towards the insurance company which may conflict with their duties to act in your best interests. They are likely to be based several hundred miles away from your home and you are unlikely ever to meet them. Indeed, your case may be dealt with by someone with very little experience who might miss significant, but less obvious, injuries.

You have a right to instruct a solicitor of your choice.

Using Butcher Andrews

We have extensive experience in handling all types of injury claim, from relatively modest whiplash injuries to serious accidents leading to lifelong disability. We will act for you with sensitivity and compassion and we will do our best to achieve the highest compensation available to you in the circumstances. We are confident that if you instruct us to handle your case, you will not be disappointed.

What you need to do

We offer a free initial interview with you to explore the merits of your claim. Just give us a call and we will explain what you need to do before the first meeting.

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